RaysTracker® Reporting

Learn about our performance metric tool.Success is the result of continued improvement. The RaysTracker® Reporting tool is a performance metric analyzer that allows graphical tracking and reporting of critical features of Rays services.

The Reporting tools provide a "baseball card" of Rays’ performance and includes metrics for "Professional Performance" and "Technical Performance."

Rays Professional Reporting
The Rays Professional Performance Metric report details the dynamic professional activities of Rays for its clients. Additionally, Rays tracks each of its radiologists’ performance to determine the radiologists’ strengths and weaknesses. While Rays’ radiologists perform strongly and score well in these tracking metrics, Rays does track occasional negative feedback such as discrepancies, late cases, addendums, and typos because Rays takes QA very seriously.

With these performance metrics, Rays’ medical leaders are able to guide their radiologists to help them improve.

The Rays Professional Performance Metric report includes:

  • Report discrepancies between the interpreting Rays radiologists and the final interpreting onsite radiologists, including minor and major discrepancies
  • Complete breakdown by modality and further breakdown by case type
  • Average turnaround times
  • Percentage of late cases
  • Number and percentages of discrepancies
  • Time between Rays’ interpretations and clinician review
  • Rays’ phone call rates on cases
  • Report typos
  • Financial breakdown of the cases by dollar value
  • Graphs of case loads and turnaround times as a function of time by modality and urgency and summarized by number, revenue, and problem issue

Rays Technical Reporting
The Rays Technical Performance Metric report inventories Rays’ various day-to-day technical strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of the facilities Rays serves. Rays reviews these issues in a monthly report with the associated approximate patient care delay times. The data is graphically depicted to show the relative contributions of the various types of issues.

In much the same way that the Rays Professional Performance Metrics report assists Rays’ medical leaders in identifying any weaknesses in its professional services, Rays hopes to help radiology administrators at the client’s location identify various technical issues that may delay patient care. Rays leadership welcomes discussion of the reporting parameters to continue to refine the process of internal and external evaluation, resulting in improved services and improved patient care.

The Rays Technical Performance Metric report includes:

  • Reliability of image transfer
  • Patient information completeness
  • Lost passwords
  • Missing images
  • Incomplete studies
  • Incorrectly labeled studies
  • Technically challenged studies
  • Missing histories
  • Studies needing comparison where comparisons were not sent
  • Summary of estimated patient care delay due to technical issues
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