Customized RISRaysTracker® is the Rays Radiology Information System (RIS). The entire Rays system is available to facilities of all sizes that are interested in the newest RIS features and in saving money.

Before Rays, there was no RIS that provided all of the information that we felt the radiologists and the referring clinicians needed. For that reason, Rays began developing its own RIS. We have continued to develop and improve the RIS, which now performs numerous special functions not seen in other RIS’s. Each of these features makes the dictating radiologist more helpful, organized, and efficient, which serves the patient and client better. The RaysTracker® negotiates an unlimited number of modalities and facilities all in one work list. Rays has also developed the "casometer," which automatically distributes cases based on a number of factors including:

  • OVERALL CASE LOAD – Load balancing intelligence to minimize interpretation turnaround time
  • RADIOLOGIST READING ATTRIBUTES – Case distribution based upon radiologist license, facility credential, and reading efficiency
  • PRIOR RADIOLOGIST PREFERENCE – Assign patient studies to the radiologist who interpreted prior studies
  • MODALITY ASSIGNMENT – Distribute studies by modality
  • SUB-SPECIALTY ASSIGNMENT – Assign cases based upon radiologist sub-specialty

RaysTracker® contains numerous special tools including: 

    Receive faxes and auto-attaches them to the reports.
    Dictates a technical issue on a given case to be resolved by the Rays client support analyst (CSA) and later put back on the worklist.
    Click a button and the CSA confirms receipt of the report with an actual person at the facility and documents this in the report.
    Add an addendum at any time.
    A referring clinician or overreading onsite radiologist may score a case as agree, minor discrepancy, or major discrepancy and add a note of explanation. Tabulation of these discrepancies with percentages and numbers are available at the click of a button by authorized personnel.
    This is a real time interaction system on the RaysTracker® that allows clinicians and radiologists to interact similar to IM, except the interaction is assigned to a particular case. This is extremely helpful in treating the patient and also serves as an educational tool for additional Rays radiologists, clinicians, and on-site radiologists who can learn from these challenging cases.
    Type in part of a medical word and see all reports containing this word.

The RaysTracker® currently has over 3000 users.

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