Rays opened its doors providing preliminary after-hours reads on stat emergency room imaging studies. Since then, Rays has developed and implemented a full suite of radiology services.
Clinical Solutions
Rays provides preliminary, routine final, and stat final reads. Subspecialty, overreads, and routine QA reads are also available.
Per-click invoicing is available with direct professional billing also available.
Technology Solutions
Initially used only by Rays' radiologists, clients now have access to the Rays RIS/PACS (RaysTracker™).
The Rays RIS/PACS is always adopting new ways to streamline the reporting process. Consider using the system the pros use and save 20-80% on your radiology technology costs.
Offered only through Rays, VidRay® allows radiologists to make on-the-fly audio/video consults on interesting or confusing cases.
Enabling the user to quickly launch applications or commands, Mouser is a customizable toolbar that is linked to your mouse pointer.
Performance metrics provide summary and details and graphics of radiology and technology activities.
the dedicated team at Rays.