Direct Billing

Direct billing is availableDirect professional billing allows the client to bill for the technical component and Rays to bill for the professional component.

Originally, all teleradiology after-hours services were performed on a pay per case basis, hourly basis, or monthly retainer fee. With time, most services went to the pay-per-case model with fewer teleradiology companies charging hourly or retainer fees. Most teleradiology companies do charge a minimum case per month fee for low volume facilities, in addition to the per case fees. As financial constraints have increased, many facilities now request teleradiology companies to bill payors for the cases the teleradiology companies read. This was and continues to be a challenge for quality after-hours teleradiology services because of four major issues:

  1. Most cases performed after hours are emergency room cases, which represent a comparatively poor payor mix.
  2. To perform final reads, teleradiology companies must employ United States-based radiologists and pay these radiologists more per hour to read cases after hours due to the less desirable working hours.
  3. Per facility, the volume of cases for only stat, after-hours imaging is low and therefore the relative cost of billing is higher.
  4. The time and costs associated with setting up billing for only a few cases a day are significant.

The combination of these four factors makes it difficult financially for a teleradiology company to bill for its cases, particularly if the teleradiology company is only performing after-hours stat imaging cases. However, for facilities where it is financially feasible to direct bill, Rays is happy to provide final billing for the cases it reads. The process involves clearly understanding the book of business so that we may run a financial analysis on this workload to determine if it is financially feasible. Generally for 24 hour service, Rays is available to perform direct professional billing of its interpretations.

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