Radiology/Teleradiology Leader Named as a Top Performer by Independent Healthcare IT Research Firm

LITTLETON, Colo. (April 25, 2014) – Rays was named the 2013 “Best in KLAS” winner for Teleradiology Services in the “2013 Best in KLAS: Software and Services” report. The award is given annually by KLAS, an independent research firm dedicated to improving healthcare technology delivery by honestly, accurately and impartially measuring vendor performance. “Best in KLAS” awards are based on feedback by providers. Rays is a leading provider of on-site and off-site radiology and teleradiology services to hospitals and radiology practices nationwide. 
“We listened to the providers, and these are the results,” said Adam Gale, CEO and president of KLAS Research. “This report isn’t about KLAS. It is a reflection of thousands of providers who wanted to be heard and counted. That is the reason top-performing vendors should be proud of their achievements.”
Through proprietary technology and expertise, Rays supports physicians and hospitals by delivering accurate radiology reads in a timely manner. Rays provides services on-site, off-site, or through a combination of services depending on each organization’s needs. More information on Rays' technologies and services is available online at
KLAS Research provides independent studies of healthcare technology companies to provide unbiased information on organizations across the United States. The full “Best in KLAS” report, along with more information about healthcare technology vendors, is available at
About Rays
Rays has been offering round-the-clock radiology and teleradiology solutions for practices and medical facilities of all sizes since 2005. The company offers both on-site and off-site radiology services to provide a comprehensive set of radiology solutions for its clients, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellent patient care, best-in-class technology and the ability to meet clients’ evolving needs. Learn more about Rays' proprietary services and technologies at
About KLAS
KLAS is a healthcare technology research firm that specializes in monitoring and reporting the performance of software, services, and medical equipment, and infrastructure vendors. Working with thousands of healthcare executives from hospitals and clinics in North America, KLAS collects performance feedback to deliver timely reports, trends, and statistics that provide a solid overview of vendor performance in the industry. 
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