Teleradiology coverage that is "Always there. Always on."

Over two hundred facilities of all types and sizes rely on Rays to provide the high-quality radiology coverage needed, when needed, every day of the year. Some organizations need only supplemental support while others require a full-time teleradiology solution. Rays strives to be a reflection of each client organization, providing around-the-clock radiology support that seamlessly addresses resource shortages.

Rays offers:
  • Full or supplemental daytime and nighttime teleradiology coverage
  • Customized offering of preliminary, final, sub-specialty coverage and stroke protocol studies
  • Studies covering all imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, ultrasound, x-ray and mammography

Comprehensive Teleradiology Solutions

Rays teleradiologists leverage state-of-the-art technology to provide fast, accurate, complete imaging studies 24/7 across numerous imaging subspecialties..always there, always on. Rays is committed to delivering exceptional service to each and every customer--clients, patients, and study-ordering physicians. Our teleradiology solutions include comprehensive quality assurance programs, which include peer review and a rigorous radiologist screening process. Our physician-led team consists of Board-certified, US based radiologists in numerous subspecialties.

Our Rays Tracker® state-of-the-art radiology information system and picture archiving communication system streamlines customizable workflow through study routing intelligence, unified work lists, report diction and imaging archival designed to optimize patient care and drive cost efficiency. Our VidRay® video consultation platform allows the reading radiologist to add clarity to consults by scrolling across and highlighting image areas as they are being discussed.

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