Stand Alone ER's
Teleradiology for Standalone ERsMost of the work provided by standalone emergency rooms consists of emergency room plain film and CT with occasional ultrasound and MRI. All of these cases are provided as stat final reads with a 30 minute turnaround time. A number of standalone emergency rooms use Rays’ full RIS/PACS archive system rather than purchasing an expensive third party system. This allows Rays to have immediate access to prior reports and have studies kept in their archive. This also allows start up standalone emergency rooms, which are becoming more prevalent, to begin using such high technology without comparative large startup costs. Standalone emergency room physicians particularly enjoy the DOC2DOC feature of Rays reporting, which allows them to quickly type a question that is immediately sent to the Rays radiologist, eliminating the need to make a phone call. Of course, Rays also welcomes phone calls to its Rays radiologists at anytime.
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