Upon assuming services for radiology groups, Rays’ medical representatives discuss the requested services with the radiologists to be sure Rays is aligned with their approach and mission. Beyond Rays’ established reputation for serving its clients well, Rays assures the radiology groups that it will support their business and not encroach on their revenue stream. Further, Rays takes all its direction for interpretation requirements from the contracting radiology group. Radiology groups are often pleasantly surprised after bringing on Rays’ after-hours service because Rays radiologists bring an additional component of subspecialty expertise to the table. The preliminary reads conducted by Rays for on-site radiologists provide them with a training opportunity because the onsite radiologist interprets the case first, then looks to the Rays report to see its findings, DDX, and DX. If there is a discrepancy, the onsite radiologist notes it or indicates the Rays radiologist identified something that he or she did not see.

Radiology groups represent the largest client base for Rays because we can make a direct impact on the radiologists' lifestyle and also on patient care.
"City hospitals" refers to large or more central hospitals. Most of the work provided by Rays for city hospitals is after-hours
"Community hospitals" refers to mid-sized or smaller facilities. The smaller facilities generally request the same types of services as the
Hospital Associations include groups of hospitals interested in Rays’ services. Hospital groups typically already have onsite radiologists and their own radiology
"Independent facilities" refers to both imaging centers and individual doctors’ offices. These facilities request daytime or 24 hour usage of radiology services
Most of the work provided by standalone emergency rooms consists of emergency room plain film and CT with occasional ultrasound and MRI.
Rays radiologists provide interpretations for a number of mobile imaging companies throughout the country. These cases generally serve a particular clientele
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