Learn about Rays' solutions for RadsThe majority of Rays' clients are radiology groups requesting after-hours stat imaging interpretations to cover their hospitals. While initially the only benefit anticipated by the radiology groups was time off after 5 pm, an unexpected benefit emerged: a daily opportunity for teaching cases. Our clients’ onsite radiologists have the opportunity to interpret cases sent to Rays without first looking at the Rays report, meaning they can then compare their interpretation with the Rays report. This is a great learning tool. Additionally, some onsite radiologists do not feel comfortable with all subspecialty studies such as MSK, Neuro, Peds, Nucs, Body, Echo, CCTA, PET/CT, Ana/Dig Mammo, Breast MR, Mobile and would rather focus on their expertise. Rays is available to read all types of radiology modality and can read cases in which the onsite radiologist is not subspecialized.



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