Rad Tech

Learn about Rays' solutions for Rad TechsThe radiology technologist is the “hands-on person” of the radiology department. The radiology technologist communicates with everyone involved in the entire radiology process including the radiology director, file room staff, patients, ordering clinicians, radiologists, and other radiology technologists. Regular communication between the radiology technologists and the radiologists is critical in providing high quality, consistent radiology. The Rays system is designed to optimize radiology workflow in any radiology department by automating as many processes as possible.

These include:

  1. providing the radiology technologist with rapid access to Rays radiologists;
  2. allowing the radiology technologist to input comments directly into the RaysTracker®; and
  3. enabling the radiology technologist to easily send studies without having to double enter patient information.

Rays welcomes input from all members of its client base, especially the radiology technologist who sees what our radiologists see every day.

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