Understandably, there is much overlap between how the various personnel at medical facilities interact with radiology and teleradiology service. We have included a brief summary, below, of the roles our various clients have in working with us.


Rays’ leadership is aware that this level of management generally receives the bulk of compliments and complaints
We have found the radiology director connects with a multitude of personnel in the hospital environment including the C-suite,
The majority of Rays' clients are radiology groups requesting after-hours stat imaging interpretations to cover their hospitals.
The radiology technologist is the “hands-on person” of the radiology department. The radiology technologist communicates with everyone
Quality technology facilitates quality radiology. Medical IT personnel allow radiology information to quickly and reliably reach the caregivers responsible for the patients.
It's all about the patient. There is no person more important in the medical system.
Most facilities that choose Rays do so based on the recommendation of other clinicians that use Rays at a neighboring facility.
The credentialing department is generally brought into the evaluation process of a teleradiology group before a proposal is even generated.
Financial personnel from our clients’ facilities are generally brought into the process after the contract has been signed.
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