Discover our in-house credentialing departmentWhile Rays has access to a large number of radiologists, we only credential the minimum number required to adequately cover your service. The credentialing department is generally brought into the evaluation process of a teleradiology group before a proposal is even generated. This allows Rays to better understand what Credentialing materials are requested by the facility’s Credentialing department, which allows a better estimate regarding the start date of service. Joint Commission Credentialing provides a rapid, abbreviated Credentialing process allowing the teleradiology group to “credential by proxy,” which can allow the group to begin servicing the facility within as little as one week. Depending on the thoroughness of the local facility’s Credentialing department, full Credentialing with primary source verification can take 3-6 months. Abbreviated Joint Commission Credentialing is generally preferred by Rays and the facility if the facility’s bylaws allow it.

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