Teleradiology Solutions for C-levelRays’ leadership is aware that this level of management generally receives the bulk of compliments and complaints directed at the medical facility. Because of this, the C-suite is generally involved at least initially in the selection process of a teleradiology or radiology group. The selection process is critical and can be a time- and resource-draining process that can occasionally lead to the wrong selection, which results in the selection process having to be restarted. In 2005, Imaging Technology News, a monthly journal that regularly provides comparison charts for various vendors, issued its first teleradiology services comparison chart. This chart is available online at Imaging Technology News.

When choosing a teleradiology group, there are many elements to consider, but as the CXO, the most important issue is how well a given radiology group will help you serve your hospital mission. To help you serve your hospital mission, we provide the CXO with a professional and technical performance report (Reflection) at requested time intervals after starting to provide services.

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