The Rays Radiologist

Top-quality radiology service requires top-quality radiologists.

Because there is more to being a great radiologist than consistently creating a complete and accurate report, Rays performs an exhaustive process of selecting its radiologists from the applicant pool. As part of the evaluation process, candidates submit references from at least three physicians, a hospital CEO, a radiology director, and two radiology technologists because we believe it is important that the radiologist maintains good relationships with all members of the radiology team. We choose radiologists who are hard working, courteous, helpful, efficient, patient, and skilled.

Rays radiologists routinely share cases with each other and provide consultation to the facilities. Once a year, Rays radiologists get together for the “Rays RGA” (rad get-away) to discuss day-to-day challenges, ways of improving patient care, and to catch up with each other. An additional RGA is conducted during the annual company meeting.

Many of our radiologists are Fellowship trained and all carry a particular expertise. Rays handles all subspecialty radiology services, including musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, pediatric radiology, nuclear medicine, CCTA, echocardiography, mammography, and PET/CT. We provide subspecialty reads for a number of facilities and overread cases upon request for various on-site radiologists. 

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