There is no substitute for direct positive and negative feedback from our clients. Rays has always made a point of maintaining an open door policy on constructive criticism.

The result of our process has been continued improvement in services and has led to a number of new radiology products from Rays. Below are some direct quotes from a few of our clients.

  • "After evaluating several key players in the teleradiology field, we felt that our best option was to move forward with Rays."
    John B. Lieblong, Chief Executive Officer and Administrator
  • “I’m able to relax with Rays, because I know they’re available to us 24/7.”
    Cynthia McClure
  • “You can tell Rays is a physician run company because they clearly understand what we do and what we want.”
    Eric Geibel, M.D.
  • “Rays cares as much about what we need as we do.”
    Michael Smith, M.D.
  • “Communication is outstanding! If they call and you’re not at your desk, Rays will track you down.”
    Ismail Ihmeidan, M.D.
  • “Since their inception, the Rays team has worked for the good of our group and the hospitals we cover without a single exception.”
    Larry Schock, MD
  • "Compared to our previous teleradiology service, Rays has impressed me with their responsiveness and dedication to quality."
    Huy Tran, MD
  • “The radiologists at Rays are the best – thorough, accurate, accessible. You just know they were chosen very carefully.”
    Cody Duvall, MD
  • “It’s clear from every interaction I’ve had with them that Rays puts the patient first. And that helps me do my job better.”
    Richard Lastrapes, MD
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