Change is a good thing and we make it easy at Rays. We will keep you informed throughout the process of starting Rays' service at your facility. The most noticeable thing about the change or addition of Rays' service is how much better things are afterwards.

Almost all of Rays’ clients have come to us as a result of a referral from a current Rays client. Through our relationships with VHA and Premier, we now have increasing numbers of clients coming to us through these associations. Rays presents at conferences and trade shows throughout the year where we meet additional interested clients. A number of clients have learned about Rays through teleradiology articles. Rays has recently developed a sales and marketing team to allow the Rays message to extend throughout the United States. If you are interested in Rays’ services, we recommend:

  • A personal phone call with a Rays executive to discuss your situation and how Rays may be of service
  • A discussion with our sales and marketing team to further inventory your needs
  • Development and acceptance of a Rays proposal
  • Formal contracting
  • Implementation
  • Commencement of services
  • Next day phone call with a Rays executive discussing the launch

If Rays' services include professional reads, then the credentialing process is usually the most involved portion of implementation and we therefore start that first. Other parallel implementation tasks include technical activities such as evaluating modality transfer, image quality, image sending speed, and report delivery. Training is performed over the Internet whenever the client requests it and invitations to Rays' service are sent via e-mail to prospective users of the system. Since technical and credentialing issues can be variable, a general start date is determined and refined as these issues reach completion.

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