About Rays

Teleradiology solutionsRays understands what makes a great teleradiology partner— 

  • an unwavering commitment to excellent patient care
  • best-in-class technology 
  • the ability to meet clients’ evolving needs

While providing the solution to round-the-clock radiology support and seamlessly meeting your resource shortages, Rays knows the bottom line remains—your teleradiology partner is a reflection of your organization. We’re different because we place your interests ahead of our own.

Rays extends the capabilities of radiology medicine across the US for all types of care providers—from large metropolitan hospitals to rural and community medical facilities. Our advanced technology allows us to provide expert interpretations of medical images, from x-rays to mammograms, and for every radiology subspecialty using secure Internet protocols. Radiology groups and hospital staff receive rapid, accurate medical reports to increase the speed and quality of care for their patients. Our mission is to support you in providing cost-effective, high quality medical care that Americans want and expect.

Our services are continually evolving and improving to meet the changing needs of an unpredictable health care industry. Trust Rays to be your partner and support the related needs of your radiology practice. We invite you to get to know Rays through a personal onsite visit where we can demonstrate how we blend into the fabric of your team and meet your practice’s goals.

We understand choosing a teleradiology team reflects on your practice and is highly personal. Tell us your needs. We listen and we respond. Let us illuminate the health of your patients and enhance your practice.

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